The term “vector graphics” is mainly used today in the context of two-dimensional (2D) computer graphics. It is one of several modes an artist can use to create an image on a raster display. Other modes include text, multimedia, and 3D rendering. Virtually all modern 3D rendering is done using extensions of 2D vector graphics techniques. Plotters used in technical drawing still draw vectors directly to paper.


Vector images paralleled to a raster graphic (also known as Bitmap) can be carried up to any size without loss of quality or precision. This is because raster images are based on pixels while vector graphics are based on vector (also called paths, or strokes). Detail can be added or detached from vector art. Vector illustrations can have their own color, allowing artists to achieve desired outcomes.

Making a vector graphic takes a bit of patience, skill and time. Whether you’re creating a simple logo of your site, a stunning website banner or a t-shirt design. Knowing that you have a stock of readymade free vector graphics available online is of great help. Whether you’re a hardcore or aspiring designer or just interested in vector art, check out these five resources for some inspiration and free vector art downloads.

5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration

1. deviantART

1x1.trans 5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration

deviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us. Founded in August 2000, deviantART is the largest online social network for artists and art enthusiasts with over 25 million registered members, attracting 65 million unique visitors per month.

As a community destination, deviantART is a platform that allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works within a peer community dedicated to the arts. The site’s vibrant social network environment receives over 160,000 daily uploads of original art works ranging from traditional media, such as painting and sculpture, to digital art, pixel art, films and anime.

2. Vecteezy!

1x1.trans 5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration

Vecteezy is the place to share your free Vector Art and other vector-related resources. Here you can explore and discuss the creations of other artists from around the world, or just find that perfect little freebie for your next project. Vecteezy makes it easy to explore thousands of graphics created by vector artists from all over the globe. All the graphics are free to download and, depending on the license, free to use in your projects.

3. QVectors

1x1.trans 5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration

QVectors also offers quality vector graphics created by different vector graphics artists all over the globe. They have a variety of vector categories to choose from:

Vector Illustrations / Characters / Clothes & Accessories T-Shirt Designs / Vector Scenes / Vehicles Vector Icons / Misc Icons / Nature Icons / Office Icons / Social Media Icons / Web Icons / Abstract Vectors / Abstract Objects / Backgrounds / Grungy Designs / Vector Patterns/ Vector Shapes / Objects & Elements / Decorative / Vector Florals / Vector Ornaments / Vector Splatters / Web Elements / Nature Vectors / Vector Flowers / Vector Leaves / Vector Plants / Vector Trees / Vector Silhouettes

4. Vectormadness

1x1.trans 5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration

Vectormadness is an online gallery of free to use vector graphics. Vectormadness provide you a gigantic free vector download, free vector eps, free vector ai, free vector cdr , adobe illustrator vector, photoshop pattern vector, photoshop eps vector.

5. Vectorish

1x1.trans 5 Best Vector Art Sites for Inspiration is a gallery that features the best free vector graphics from artists around the globe. is part of a network of sites created from artists by artists. Vectorish goal is to help you become a better designer. Their main focus is to showcase vectors with the best quality possible in our gallery.

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