1x1.trans Basic Usability Tips to Apply to your Website

Speaking of usability, there are countless number of tips and techniques from enumerable sources. To make it very simple, usability is the process of making your website accessible for visitors to easily find what they need. Everyday as a developer or designer, we engage online. One can learn usability without spending dollars on research and usability tests. We can do it easily by just reading articles regarding usability and how to implement them.

Well look no more, here is an article about usability. We feature the basic usability tips to apply in your website.

Basic Usability Tips to Apply for your Website

Update Frequency of your website

Do you post new content to your website? If yes, you need a magazine or blog design style for a website. If no, go for a feature focused design.

Logo Placement

Place your logo on the upper left corner of your site. Why do you need to do these? It is because of accepted conventions. It is expected to be placed there, when visitors land on a certain page, the first place they set their eyes is on the top left corner. There are some other great designs that placed their logo in the middle. But they are only a few who do this.

Searchbox Placement

Searchboxes can be either placed on the left or on the right. Include a placeholder the word “Search”, in that way, visitors can easily determine what is the iputbox is used for.

Contact Information

Contact details can either be a seperate page or just hanging there in the footer or in the sidebar. You can include a link for contact page in the menu. Place it where visitors can easily find the way to reach you.

Menu Items

Have a few menu links as possible. This will help to lessen the indecision-paralyisis of the visitors. Instead of clicking one of the links, they will bounce out.

Add states for your links and buttons

1x1.trans Basic Usability Tips to Apply to your Website

Including active states, hover states and visited states will increase the probability that the user will click the link. Let users know if they have already visited that link, change also the color of links, add an underline, empasize your links, so that visitors can determine links from content.

Window Shopper Friendly

Show prices, sizes, description or specifications in your list or grid of items. Don’t require hovering, clicking to another page in order to see important details for a visitors to see. The faster they browse, the faster they can find the item they need and more likely to comeback next time.

No Splash Messages

As a visitor this is annoying to see after you opened a page, a modal will pop up. And it is more annoying to add a countdown before the splash message will be removed to your screen. If you want to scare away your visitors, add splash messages anywhere in your pages.

Readable Permalinks

Having a clear, short and readable permalink, it give the visitors an overview what will displayed in that permalink. In this way, readers can understand what is behind in that link unlike gibberish set of alphanumerics.

Less is more

Don’t bombard your sidebar with tons of ads and widgets. Use only that are useful. 3 to 4 widgets is safe for readers of your site. Most of the users don’t care about your network of friends and other social profiles.

Broken links and images

1x1.trans Basic Usability Tips to Apply to your Website

Before and after I published my post, I carefully check for broken links and images. If visitors came across a broken, they will automatically expect that the site is not updated and the visitor will go elsewhere.

Don’t let your visitors wait

Patience is a virtue is no applicable when it comes to websites. Visitors wants satisfaction when navigating in a website. A two second increase of delay can be very crucial to business and companies

Browser Compatibility

1x1.trans Basic Usability Tips to Apply to your Website
Don’t forget that there are users that still use IE7, IE8. Make sure that your website is cross browsed. It doesn’t mean if it is beautiful in Chrome, you will not check it on other browsers. Don’t lose another large amount of readers in this area of usability.

Don’t Write for Search Engines, Write for Humans

It is very important that you communicate to your readers. If you just write to stuff a large amount of keywords in your content. The odds of your visitors of not returning back is extremely high. My advice to you is read your content before you post it. In this way, you can feel if you are really conversing with your readers. Rewrite it until you sound like a real person.

Good usability equivalents to good user experience. Having a good user experience, you make your visitors feel at home to your site. It attracts more visitors and make them return. If you have other usability tips to throw, feel free to do that under the comments section below.

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