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In 1960s, Design Patterns were first described by Christopher Alexander, an architect who noticed that many things in our lives happen according to patterns. Alexander then adapted his observations to his work and issued many findings on the topic. Since then, design patterns have contributed a huge role in our lives, and can be found in the design and expansion of user interfaces as well.

User Interface Design Patterns are frequent solutions to common design hitches, such as traversing around an application, browsing and listing of information, or providing access and response to users. User interface design’s goal is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Paralleled to their desktop counterparts, mobile applications and sites have distinctive UI Design requirements because they’re commonly used in smaller displays and at least with today’s recent mobile devices, consumers rely on fingers instead of a keyboard and mouse as input mechanisms.

A survey conducted by Accenture on Internet access through mobile devices confirms that mobile Internet usage continues to be on a sharp upward trajectory. Indeed, it has now reached the stage when market players across communications, media and technology should look forward to business opportunities and the operational efficiencies of a mass market. In fact, activities or transactions on mobile Internet have become so much a part of daily life that those who don’t own a mobile Web-enabled device intend to buy one soon.

Survey Source: Accenture.com

Below are the list of Mobile UI Design Pattern Resources that will surely help whether you’re planning to design a mobile application for the first time or in need of a detailed design solutions.

Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

Mobile UI Patterns

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

Mobile UI Patterns is a great site to visit to see common mobile UI design patterns such as splash screens, feeds, maps, galleries, notifications and many more. Mobile UI Patterns also showcases a vast collection of iOS Screenshots for designers and developers to reference. The patterns are structured into 17 categories so that you can easily find what you’re looking for namely:

Camera Controller, Coach Marks, Compose Screens, Custom Navigation, Empty Data Sets, Feeds, Lists, Maps, Photo Galleries, Popovers, Search, Sign Up Flows, Splash Screens, Stats, User Profiles, Venue Details and Walk Throughs.

Inspired UI

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

Inspired UI is an exceptional mobile UI design pattern gallery with over 1,000 screenshots of real mobile apps. Design patterns featured in the site are as follows:

Activity, Articles, Capture, Chats, Check-in, Comments, Compose, Coverflow, Custom Tabs, Dashboard, Details, Empty Data Sets, Find Friends, Lists, Logins, Maps, Navigation, Notifications, Popovers, Profiles, Search, Settings, Share, Sign Up, Sliders, Splashscreens, Venue Details, Walk throughs

Lovely UI

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

lovely ui was created by NYC-based interactive designer Diana Frurip. This site features common mobile app user interface elements such as navigations, buttons and popovers.

The categories are as follows:

iphone / ipad / iphone 5 / android /about / buttons / coach marks / compose / coverflow / dashboard nav / empty data sets / feed / graphs / launch screens / lists / maps / navigation / notifications /popovers / profiles / search / share / slider / stats / sub navigation / textures / thumbnails / typography / walk throughs /

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

This gallery features an anti-patterns section featuring UI design techniques to avoid. This design pattern gallery is a addition to UX designer Theresa Neil’s mobile design pattern book published by O’Reilly Media. This gallery also showcases different chapters of design pattern.

Patterns List are as follows:

Forms, Tables, Search Sort and Filter, Tools, Charts, Invitation, Feedback and Affordance, Help, Anti-Patterns.


1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

The site is created by Robin Raszka (founder of popular iOS development firm Tapmates and chemiX ). Over 1150+ mobile UI design patterns (widgets and notifications) are featured on pttrns, a gallery site with large screenshots of patterns and a fresh interface.

Patterns of Design

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

Patterns of Design is created by Will Simons, a freelance UX designer and project manager. This site seeks to present notable mobile app UI patterns from exceptional iPhone and iPad apps. This showcases different patterns including: Carousel, Components, Layouts, Rich Effects, Skeuomorphs, Springboards and Text.

4ourth Mobile Design Pattern Library

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

4ourth Mobile Design Pattern Library is a comprehensive reference for mobile design patterns. Whether designing for smartphones, featured phones or other related devices, common principles are discussed and codified as 76 universal interaction and interface patterns. It also discusses a wide array of patterns such as slideshows and pagination, to advertising within your mobile app.

Android UI Design Patterns

1x1.trans 8 Best Mobile UI Design Pattern Sites

This blog is created by German technologist/developer/Android user Juhani Lehtimaki. He publishes posts that cover Android UI design patterns. In each post, a design pattern is discussed and relevant screenshots from mobile apps are included for the users to visualize what’s in the content of the tutorial.

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