An aspiring designer blunted me a point-blank question, “Why so many designers hated Comic Sans?”. This question caught me off guard. Why I didn’t thought of that question before? I never disliked Comic Sans anyway, I became speechless. That question is still unanswered.

So I decided to go to different social media. Every designer has different opinion about the Comic Sans. As expected, most of these comments were negative. Before we jumped through the comments. We must know the roots that caused such a hot topic between designers and clients.

1x1.trans Comic Sans: Why Designers Hate this Font?

One of the reasonable answer that Comic Sans became the font to be hated so much, because of it’s constant misuse in any type of media, especially when tackling about formal subjects. While this kind of font was proper to be used for children or design related Comics and cartoons. It is not suitable for professional and business related works.

Ban Comic Sans

It is a movement by Indianapolis based graphic designers Dave and Holly Crumbs that they started during 1999, after an employer of theirs insisted that they must use the hated font in a Children’s Museum exhibit. They point out that the use of this font is amateurish. A designer must consider and prioritize the impact of choice of font and typography and must have a feel on the overall design of a project. While an unimformed client or untaught designer will just pickup a font based on what they like and not on the impact on the overall project.

As a designer, why do you hate Comic Sans?

  • Philipp Zinhard – Eyesore. It’s the most prostituted font ever. It could have been maybe a good font if the whole world hadn’t use it everywhere.
  • Web Developer 2.0 – I honestly don’t hate Comic Sans, I just think it’s been badly overused for inappropriate situations. I once built a Comic-Book style website and Chose a nice hand-lettering font for the body text with Comic Sans as the fallback font. In the end the custom font was dropped in favour of Comic Sans as it was highly readable and looked great in the context.Don’t hate the font, hate the way it’s used, Clipart on the other hand, feel free to hate that with the burning heat of a million suns…
  • Prateek Jadhwani – As the name indicates…it was developed and used only for comics. Displaying it in a professional website is like an eye sore. It just destroys the looks out of the website. Plus every font has a particular use. Comic Sans just takes out that use of that font.
  • Amy Groshek – A weed is any plant that grows where it isn’t wanted.
  • Jaimito Aleman
  • Karim D. – I hate it because it looks like old, amateur font. I discovered this font about 13 years ago and, I admit, my first website used Comic Sans. Today… Heurk! Maybe in 10 years we’ll see the come back of Comic Sans in Vintage style websites ^^
  • Gunjesh Kumar – It does not look professional. For a serious website, Comic Sans can adversely change the impact web designer wants to make.
  • Joan Keijzer – It is not the font as such that I hate, but it’s availability. Since day 1 it has been part of the default fonts list that comes with Windows (starting with the Win 95 plus pack), by what it is and has been used by many people for e-mail and chat purposes. All good and fine… for indoor use so to say, but the abuse of this font really took off once it was added to IE 3 as a one of Microsofts core fonts for the web. That never should have happened, as it turned out that not many people are gifted with this instinct of knowing what font is appropriate to use when.
    It’s like showing up in your pj’s at the office… and assuming you are not a toddler there is really no excuse for you.
  • Cuan knaggs – it’s almost never appropriate
  • Stephan Hovnanian – It doesn’t look professional; even on a site that has a casual nature & design about it, there are many more professional-looking fonts than Comic Sans.
  • Sheppe Pharis – It’s not a standard font on all OS’s, and it looks crappy.
  • Mark Lester Coscolluela Lacsamana – I don’t hate comic sans, I hate the mis-use of it (as compared to papyrus, damn that font is god awful). Comic Sans by its nature (and from its name) is very humorous sure, use it at a kid’s party but to actually use it for a client like lets say a consultancy business, do you think you’d be taken seriously? Even at a more personal level though, if it was for a personal blog, do you seriously want people to visualize the way you think in a comical display font? is that the way you think?
  • Carlos Nazareno – For you ignorant snooty hipsters who keep looking down on Comic Sans “because it’s the cool thing to do”, know that its origin stems from those edgy, gritty graphic novels you never even heard of or read until hipsters called them cool: Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and Allan Moore & Dave Gibbons’s Watchmen — creator Vincent Connare’s direct inspirations. Hell, Comic Sans is so “uncool” that even your high and mighty Apple copied it under Steve Jobs’s tenure as as Chalkboard? I spit on your tastes and may you catch bacteria because sometimes they’re the only culture some people have. Comic sans: the font so badass that it was CERN’s typeface of choice when they unveiled the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle to the world, you unthinking sheeple hypocrites!

Your turn
As a designer, why do you hate Comic Sans? Give us your feedback down the comment section below.

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