HTML5 is a force to reckon with. There is no denying of the fact that the days of Adobe Flash is numbered and it is facing stiff competition from HTML5 which is most likely to dethrone it in the next few years. Flash as we all know has always been known for its interactive features but it is immensely heavy and therefore take years to get loaded. This is exactly where HTML5 hit it hard. Unlike Flash, HTML5 does not take long time to get loaded and if this is not enough, HTML5 is Search engine friendly. So, it was inevitable that a company like Adobe has to accept this and move on.
After having realizing the immense potential of HTML5, Adobe has come up with a series of cool tools that helps designers make the most of this new interactive platform. These tools are easy to use, smart and flexible enough to design highly creative websites in a matter of few hours. Wanna take a look? Here they go –

1x1.trans Cool and Creative HTML5 Tools from the House of Adobe

Edge Code

This is one of the few finest web development tools that allow us to do editing in lightening fast speed and the best part, it comes loaded with a number of awesome features that include live development, support for some awesome animation and many more. This tool offers great coding experience as developers can use all three major web development languages – JavaScript, CSS and HTML simultaneously. And the best thing about this tool is that it works in sync with a number of other tools that include PhoneGap Build, Edge Web Fonts and as far as reports are concerned. We have used this tool build the following web page [] and we are happy with the outcome.

And did I mention that this tool is built on an open source platform and that means, developers are free to make changes in this tool to make it more effective and powerful. This is futuristic tool for those web developers who like to embrace new challenges and offer cutting edge technological solution to their customers.

1x1.trans Cool and Creative HTML5 Tools from the House of Adobe

Edge Reflow

This tool is available for Adobe Creative Cloud member but given its immense benefits, it deserves to be featured in this article. Edge Reflow is basically a responsive web design tool built by Adobe to make it easier for web designers to develop highly interactive and responsive framework. Creation of visual design and creative layout is a piece of cake with this revolutionary tool. Read more about this tool here []

Interface of this tool is extremely intuitive and the surface of this tool gives you all the details as to how your website will look when viewed in different devices. Is not that cool? And the best part, the party does not end here. This tool allows people to check their design in browsers to figure out whether the design look neat and clean. If you need any further changes, you are free to import the design CSS in any other Code editor.

How it Serves the Developer
This powerful tool is used widely for creating awesome visual design, UX prototype, quick mock-ups and a lot more. The actual purpose behind developing this tool is to simplify the process of designing and developing responsive templates.  This tool is good at editing different visual elements like layouts, boxes and many more. This tool is ideal for use on two different design regions – property inspector and WYSIWYG layout.

Another major plus of this CSS tool is that it allows users to extract CSS from the design and that with meticulous efficiency. Some of the coolest features of this tool are – it lets you add animation to the design, applying CSS positioning, addressing some designing issues, making modifications in the Canvas Size and doing loads of other things.

1x1.trans Cool and Creative HTML5 Tools from the House of Adobe

Edge Inspect

This is cool tool that lets you simulate and test your website in real time across different mobile devices and thereby helping you overcome different issues that could trigger disaster for users’ experience.  This amazing tool lets you analyze the outcome as you design and develop the template.  You can use any of the familiar development tools and inspect changes happening in real time in a device while you are making modifications in its code. A great tool that should be gracing your repository of web development tools.

1x1.trans Cool and Creative HTML5 Tools from the House of Adobe

Edge Animate

The primary purpose of this tool is to create highly engaging animation by utilizing the power of HTML5. New and interesting features have been inducted that include support for CSS filters, gradients and more. And of course, it offers excellent support for animation and you are allowed to change the speed of the animation by using tools like Pin. To build nested animations, you can use symbols. One of the biggest benefits of using this tool is that designs developed on this platform render seamlessly on different devices irrespective of their screen sizes.

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