WordPress plugins helped developers, bloggers and business owners big time. When it comes to increasing page speed, sidebar widgets, social media integration and SEO especially. There are a lot of WordPress plugins can do nowadays that will extend the functionality of your website. As of now, there are 23,000 WordPress plugins available and 410 Million downloads and counting in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Downloading WordPress Plugins isn’t bad but downloading too many plugins is. Having too much plugins can become a risk in the future for your blog or website. This will your site to slow down and expose your site to multiple problems.

Here are now the Guide Questions on before installing a WordPress Plugin

1x1.trans Guide Questions on Installing a WordPress Plugin

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1. Do you need this WordPress plugin?

When you’re googling for a WordPress plugin. The very first thing to ask is whether there is a neccesity to install that WordPress plugin. It doesn’t mean that if you see a popular plugin, you will install it right away.

2. Can you do it yourself without using the plugin?

If you have no background in PHP, Javascript and MySQL, installing that plugin will be necessary. But if have the knowledge on how to code, enough time, easy to do, writing your own code will be helpful.

3. Is the plugin is better than it’s rival plugin?

Make sure you have a list of options to choose from. Google for plugin reviews and read carefully on what the plugin can cater.

  • When was the review published?
  • Think twice over premium WordPress plugins.
  • Review your list of plugins regularly.

4. Who the most credible plugin author?

When you install a plugin, it means that you trust the plugin author. It is a need to have chosen a person with the most credibility. Choosing might be difficult when determining who has the most credibility. A new developer may be a good choice but he/she may have low reputation and publicity of an veteran developer.

Things to consider to help you easily determine who is the most credible.

  • Review the plugin’s support. You may take a look at the ratio of threads with resolved problems over a given time and how long a a period of time before question is answered.
  • Why the author developed the plugin. Is the plugin is just for fun? Is it for a hobby? Or just only to upload a plugin in the WordPress repository?
  • Determine the developer’s experience level. Is this the author’s first WordPress plugin? It is not the experience on how to measure a reliable author but it is a good point.

5. Which plugin has the best updated track record?

As you getting closer to your plugin of choice, considering the plugin’s version update is a must. For WordPress plugins hosted in the plugin directory, you may want to take a look at the changelog to see if they update regularly, WordPress plugins

6. Which plugin has the most prevalent adoption?

Consider the amount of usage and recommendation of the WordPress plugin among the WordPress niche. How many is the download count? Does the plugin recommended are from reliable netizens and bloggers? You must take note that the popularity of a plugin isn’t the only factor to consider to install that certain plugin.


Less is more. Plugins are important to WordPress. You must also keep in mind that to keep a minimum number of plugins. Share your ideas and feedbacks down the comment section.

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