1x1.trans An Interview with David Walsh   Mootools Core Developer
David Walsh is a well-known, 29-year old web developer and software engineer from Madison, Wisconsin. He is a core developer of Mootools JavaScript Framework and now currently working on Mozilla as a Web Developer. He is a Javascript Fanatic, CSS Tinkerer, PHP Hacker, and web lover as you can see in his Twitter bio.

1x1.trans An Interview with David Walsh   Mootools Core Developer
1. What does your daily routine and work process look like? Can you share some productivity tips and tricks with our readers?
My routine is actually quite simple. I first get through my emails which doesn’t take too long. Then I see what bugs or features have been prioritized and keep working on them. Mozilla doesn’t hamper its employees down with loads of meetings so I’m allowed to work with minimal interruption. All coordination is usually done with IRC so we can quickly get what we need from each other.

As for keeping productive, I tend to get all of my questions to people right in the morning so I can get responses back earlier, and thus get moving earlier. I also try to fix one very small bug in the morning to get myself in the productive frame of mind. I avoid IRC rooms I don’t need to be in so less people can interrupt me. Lastly, I take breaks every few hours to go outside or just get away from the computer; I come back energized and ready for more!

1x1.trans An Interview with David Walsh   Mootools Core Developer
2. What technologies and frameworks are on your radar and excite you these days?
A second version (so to speak) of MooTools is coming soon in the form of Prime, Nodes, and Request. I’m also very excited by JS loaders, specifically John Hann’s curl.js. Most of my enthusiasm has been for Firefox OS though. I can’t wait to have a platform that supports only HTML5 apps! Firefox OS is looking great and I can’t recommend it enough!

3. What are your favorite online resources to stay up to date on the web development industry?
I’ve never learned much from web development books but I read lots of popular blogs every day, from CSS Tricks, to NetTuts, Smashing Magazine, Script & Style (http://twitter.com/scriptandstyle), and a few more. The awesome work at CodePen and MDN’s Demo Studio also inspire me each day. There’s never anything better for a web developer, however, than opening up the browser and experimenting within the JS console.

1x1.trans An Interview with David Walsh   Mootools Core Developer
4. You are currently working for Mozilla, can you share your experience of working with the Mozilla team with us?
Working for Mozilla is amazing. My primary responsibility is the Mozilla Developer Network (http://developer.mozilla.org). Mozilla as an organization does a great job of “getting out of the way” so to speak by allowing its employees to simply work and interrupt as little as possible. Additionally it’s great to work for an organization that pioneered open source software; basically everything we do is open source and we have a strong community for almost every project. Another great advantage to working for Mozilla is the talent around you; my colleagues impress me every day with their ideas and the new code they push.

5. What do you find to be the most frustrating aspect of JavaScript?
I’m actually quite happy with JavaScript. I definitely have some annoyances though. It really bugs me when developers use a large library for a simple fade in effect or utility function – they should simply use a microlibrary or “rip out” the function from the library. I also dislike when a JS loader isn’t used and the JS isn’t modular — I *hate* “lump.js” files being thrown around.

6. Let’s round this thing, do you have any specific advice for other aspiring young web developers?
My advice has always been the same: love web development. If you treat web development as a 9-5 weekday job, and don’t spend weeknights and weekend time on learning and experimenting, you’ll never be great. You have to be passionate and put in the extra time; I did and it took me from a job at a small web shop all the way to the the best organization in the world.

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