Web design is in a constant change. They are often unpredictable, suddenly there will pop up a revolutionary trend that will be embraced by the design community. We designers must not be outdated in web design because clients are always on the trend.  Some past web design during 2012 trend may retain and on the other hand some of you will revolutionize web design for 2013. Without further ado, we will discuss the latest web design trend that will shape the future of web design for the year 2013.

Responsive Web Design is a Must

1x1.trans Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2013
With the population of mobile devices users skyrocketed. Users are now fond to visit their favorite sites through their mobile. On the other hand, varying screen sizes  of these devices, gave the web designers gave a hard time in designing websites,so  a solution came out. Thanks to the help of CSS Frameworks, such asTwitter Bootstrap, 1140 Grid System and other grids came to the rescue. Websites can now adapt to different devices, be it a desktop, tablet, or a smartphone. This is now will be part of standards in be followed in web designing.

Scrolling Everywhere!

Whether  it be vertical or horizontal, it will surely became a trend  because of its usability whether you are using desktop or other devices such as ,netbook, tablets or phones.  This idea came from desktop applications where toolbars and menus don’t hide whether we scroll down, scrolling left and right. Now many websites followed this trend and many to come. Another one is Parallax Scrolling which is so popular, during 2010 when I first saw the birth of this style. I told to myself, with these capabilities parallax scrolling it will surely take over the web design trend of the upcoming years. No doubt about iti, this came true.
1x1.trans Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2013

Extensive use of HTML5 and CSS3

Again, with the benefits of mobile, web design must be mobile ready.  Maybe I’m too much ahead but as I’ve seen with the emerging capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3 will be the trend in design in this coming year. CSS3 for gradients that will replace heavy graphics for mobile and CSS3 animations and transformations will replace javascript. HTML5’s advantage is it’s local storage, built in page caching and the total phase out of flash!
1x1.trans Web Design Trends to Look Forward to in 2013

Single Page Websites

This is not new to most all of you but it will surely remain in the trend because of its usability and idea to avoid transferring from one page to another. Why not stuff all the content in one page and take advantage of Jquery, HTML5 and CSS3?

Skeumorphism in Web Design Trends

This web design trend will surely be continuing and evolve as time goes by. Lately it is found in web apps, mobile, admin templates and forms.

Full Page Image Backgrounds

Many website designs have this kind of approach. Beautiful backgrounds which is enough to show the branding of the website. Truly a picture depicts a thousand words. This will remain in the designing industry. Minimal design is the combo for this type of trend.


This web design trend will also remain. No more use of graphics. This is the first thing to be noticed unconsciously is the font used in web design, which is why it is important to consider. Decide if you want to use a decorative, modern, san serif, script or some other category of typeface, just make sure it works.


Designing on brand will be the spotlight so that it will be distinguished by a visitor within seconds. Design must follow to the brand that will compliment the whole site with the brand.

Huge UI Elements

It is going to be a need as mobile devices are getting smaller. This design trend will take a hike, we are ready now in this kind of trend because we have the availability of CSS3 that can support these buttons for gradients, animations and transformations.

Conclusion: Web Design Trends will likely to be followed for us to be updated and will not be left behind in the design trend. Be revolutionary in web design for the next year to come. Be at a constant pace of your desire to learn new things, implement them, play with it, who knows you must be the trendsetter for the year 2013.

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